Warwickshire Hedgehog Rescue

Helping injured, abandoned and orphaned hedgehogs.

About Us

Hedgehogs are thought to be one of Britain’s most loved species however, on 30th July 2020 the hedgehog was included in the International Union for the Conservation of Nature’s Red List for British Mammals which specified that the hedgehog is now vulnerable to extinction.  It was a sad day.


We are a registered charity operating in Warwickshire and are run by a group of volunteers who are dedicated to nursing sick, injured and abandoned hedgehogs until they can be released back into the wild.  As a group we are doing everything we can to help maintain or increase the populations of hedgehogs in our area.  Each hedgehog that is brought to us requires sanctuary, food, medical assistance, warmth and cleanliness and most require many months of such care before being re-released.  Our biggest annual cost by far is for medical care - the purchase of a multitude of different medications as well as veterinary treatments.


Our running costs are met entirely by public donations, charitable trust grants and ourselves, from our own purse.  Without these generous donations, we would cease to exist.  Any help you can afford us in our task of saving Warwickshire’s hedgehogs will be much appreciated.